Torsion and Double Torsion Springs

Torsion springs are the springs made ofround wire section metal or metal alloy, which are wound helically, having shaped arms at the ends. 

Torsion springs store energy by the effect of the torque applied on spring arms. When the effect of the force is removed, they transfer the movement in the reverse direction to the force direction. Torsion springs should be operated in such way that the spring diameters will reduce. If it is operated in reverse side to the winding direction, increasing the spring diameter, a permanent damage may occur. At the time of designing, it should be considered that it will be operated so as to reduce the spring diameter. 

Torsion and Double Torsion springs with wire diameters from 0,20 mm to 5,00 mm are produced in our facilities. The forms on the arms of springs are created on CNC machines even when the spring is wound. Stress relieving procedures are made in electronically controlled, air circulated ovens to get high performance from spring. Applications are mechanisms like door opening mechanisms that need a moment subject to a circular action.