Extension Springs

Extension Springs are obtained by winding a round wire made of metal or metal alloy helically. The heads of Extension Springs are usually curved like a hook or round. One end of these springs is kept fixed and the other end is drawn so that the spring can store energy. Due to this energy or when the force is removed, it starts to draw back to initial state. Extension springs are manufactured as pre-tension or joint winding. In order to prevent any bending or torsion in hooks, the critical shear and tension levels should be examined carefully and hooks should have no notch or minor radius or section dispersion. 

We are manufacturing any kind of Extension spring with hook made of metal or metal alloys wires with diameters from 0,15 mm to 6,00 mm in compliance with standards. 

In order to increase the performance of springs, the springs pass stress- relief treatment in electronically controlled and air circulated furnaces after shaping process. Upon request, shotpeening process is applied to spring surfaces.