Compression Springs

Compression Springs are components made of metal or metal alloys, which extend by the effect of the load applied and return to initial state status when the load is removed by the effect of the energy that it has stored.

If a Compression spring is made of a round section wire which is wound in the form of screw thread helically like a cylinder, it is called cylindrical helical spring. Forces are obtained linearly in cylindrical helical Compression springs. To obtain non-linear forces, barrel or conic springs are produced. In push buttons, the rate of average spring diameter to wire diameter is called winding rate (spring index) and this rate should be preferred between 4 and 11. If the case is perpendicularity, the closed ends of the spring are grounded to get a smooth seat surface.

Our company manufactures, every kind of Compression spring, including but not limited to fixed or variable pitched, grounded or non-ground cylindrical or conic in compliance with standards. Upon request, Compression springs can be manufactured, using rectangular section wire. In the cases that operate under dynamic load and require long service life resistance, shotpeening process is performed.